Excel Workbook Transfer:


- It is critical that there ONE live excel workbook at any time. Everytime you start using a workbook, DOUBLE check it is the "live" workbook.

- That said you can use a copy of the live workbook, or a recent version to use to find information for email replies (GEO) or inventory queries (JACOB). If the other person has the live workbook.


- Each afternoon Jacob will return the Live Workbook to the folder: "D:\Swamp Industries\Swamp Ebay\accounts"
- Jacob will return the Live Workbook with the name "Data.Jul-Sep-2011-XXX-RTN"
- XXX = being the highest number in the folder.
- Mornings that George is in, he may use and edit the Live Workbook.
- George will save the Live Workbook with the name "Data.Jul-Sep-2011-XXX-GEO" (into the same folder)
- George will Skype Jacob a message (LIVE WORKBOOK GEO... perhaps) to inform of his update.

- George should always let Jacob use the Live Workbook when he come in and is preparing post.
Monday - 9am - 1pm + 5pm - 6pm
Tue to Fri - 12noon to 1pm + 5pm - 6pm

- George an Jacob and swap the Live Workbook between those time if required.