Cancel Order:

The guide below explains how to remove/edit an order in the Excel Workbook, so its affect in the Inventory is correct.

You may, or may not have to also send a Refund.
If a refund is required, then follow the How to send a Refund guide

Type: Use When: Guide: Template Reply: Once Customer Reponds to Case

eBay -


They purchased the incorrect item on eBay, and would like the transaction canceled.

Note. They may have already purchased the another item (correct item) from us.

- Find the transaction in the eBaySales sheet

-Place the value "O" into the Dispute1 column (W)

- Click on the API button "Dispute Console"

- Select in top field, "We have both agreed not to complete this transaction"

- Select in 2nd field, "The buyer purchased the item in error"

- Click "Report Unpaid Item" button

Other / Cancel eBay Item
I have just opened a resolution case with eBay to have the item canceled.

Please just respond and close the case from your end when prompted by eBay.

- Once the customer has responded to the case to confirm the closure, an email from eBay will arrive

- Once received find the eBay transaction and replace the value in the Dispute1 column (W) with the value "CRD"

- Shade the BidPrice1 column (K) light green

- CUT the entire row, and paste into the bottom of the workbook sheet "NonComplete"

- Delete the empty "entire row" from the eBaysales sheet


Website - A Website (Websales) order needs to be deleted from our system.

e.g. We may have been out of stock, and the customer wants a refund.

- Find the transaction in the WebSales sheet

- IF payment was NOT received for the order. Simply delete the order from the Websales sheet.

- IF payment was received for the order. Replace the !PRODUCTCODE column (J) value/s with the value "Canceled". And place the value "RF" in the DatePosted1 (AD) column.

The point of this, is so a "canceled" order does not affect the Inventory. But still records the total received.