Missing Parcels:

First you must determine the shipping method used
- Open latest Workbook
- Locate the order
- Check "PostMethod" value
T = Regular (no-tracking)
X = Express
R = Registered
A = Airmail (no tracking)
S = Seamail

Type: Guide: Template Reply:
Regular If the parcel is reported missing and it has been greater than 7 days since the shipment date, and was shipped using "Regular" (T) post, use this message.

We can confirm the order did ship on the XXth of XX via the Australia Post Regular service to:

560 Example Road
NSW 2482

Can you confirm this is the correct address?

It parcel should have been delivered by this time. Often missing Regular parcels, are located at the local Post Office outlet. Often the "parcel pick up" notice card is misplaced or not even left behind by the postie. If possible please inquire at your local Post Office regarding a missing parcel packaged in a <small bubble envelope> <silver/white post satchel>. In 90% of cases this will uncover the missing Regular parcel

The next step is for us to open a complaint with Australia Post regarding the parcel to get a trace done. This can take up to 2 week, though in the mean-time we can arrange a replacment parcel to be sent.

Apologies for the inconvenience, missing parcels can occasionally occur with the Australia Post regular service.

Tracking If the parcel had tracking, inquire with Warehouse staff to determince the tracking number for the parcel.

Give warehouse staff the "Initials" + "Post Code" for the customer, and the Date the order was posted.

Pass on tracking number to customer