Placing Orders:

  1. If you placing an direct order for a customer, and they wish to pay via Credit Card.
    - Use the Website system, (just pretending you are the customer), ask them for their details, and enter the order.
    - Select Paypal as the payment method
    - Click the "Dont have a paypal account, click here ot use a Credit Card" button
    - Enter the customers CC details
    - You need to enter a home phone. Just enter (02 62232025) - doesnt affect the payment
    - A non PO box address is required. Just enter (Unit 4 51 Wollongong St, Fyshwick) - doesnt affect the payment
    - Email can also be ours if it has to. Just enter ( - doesnt affect the payment

  2. If you already have an invoice (or ebay order) created that just requires payment, and the customer wants to use Credit Card.
    - Use the "Request Money" tool on paypal (link on home page)
    - Send a request for the total amount (AUD) to ""
    - To speed up the delivey of the request arriving in the inbox
    - In Gmail click "Options" Cog image in the top right corner, and click "Mail Settings"
    - Click "Accounts", then in
    -In the "Get mail from other accounts:" section, click "check mail now" for ""
    - Refresh the inbox, and follow the link in the email to be taken to Paypal
    - Complete the payment as you would in Step 1. (ok to use the Swamp address, phone, and email for the payment)