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Type: Use When: Guide: If:
Quote We need to quote a total for the customer. Using POS is the simplest way to do this on larger orders.

- Use the customer "Quote"
(seach for "info@swampindustries.com")

- Optional - Ener the customer email address into the email field, and they will receive the invoice directly.

- Edit "Post Code" value to enable an accurate postage price.

- Select Products

- Select Payment method (best guess)

- Select order status "Not Finished"

Invoice We need to produce an Invoice for the customer for an order they have confirmed.

Note. The customers Delivery and Email Address are required prior to completing an invoice.

- Search for the customer (if returning customer)
- Create a new customer profile

- Select Products

- Select Payment method

- Select order status "Queued"

IF the customer desires Paypal as the payment method, send a "Paypal Payment Request" to the customers email address.